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Hey all, my name's Dressa and I have this horrible habit of making New Year's resolutions, and then forgetting about them or never living up to them. 2010 is promising to be a important year for me, though, and that little habit of mine needs to go away fast in order for things to go well for me.

So, what's so important about 2010 for me? Other than sitting in for my EMT-B certification in February and hopefully getting a job at an ambulance company, I'm also going to be moving out of my dad's house for the first (and last) only time. If that idea wasn't already stressful (and incredibly liberating) enough, I'm moving to MA, almost 1,500 miles away from where I currently live.

And that's where this place comes in. [: I have some goals I want to achieve by the end of the year, and I've broken up those goals by month, so they'll be more feasible/concrete.

2010 goals are (in no relative order):

  1. Move out of my father's house
  2. Write at least 100 words every day
  3. Save a certain amount of money
  4. Get in shape
  5. Stay in shape
  6. Pass certification & get a job at an ambulance company

I'll start with January, of course, and I'll make a progress post next Monday.

January goals:

  1. Look for an apartment and have Robby gather options
  2. Study at least 7 hours a week for certification
  3. Apply for jobs
  4. Write every day
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Oh hullo thar.  My name is bronzechimera, or Kate.  I don't generally make resolutions, but there are a few things that I would like to get done this year:

1. Write a novel.

2. Compile an obviously Steampunk/Victorian wardrobe, or the beginnings of one.

3. The mandatory improvement of grades.

4.  Kick the addiction!  Save on the electricity bill!  ...Find ways to waste time better than LJ/DW, Facebook, and various Steampunk/Gothic clothing sites.

5. Watch Titanic once a month (or more! :D), because I still want to make it to 100 watches before the end of 2012.  
Actually that would mean watching Titanic three times a month for the next couple of years.
Sometimes I wish it was a shorter movie.

Well... that's all I can think of right now.
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Hi, all! I'm Meep♥ (the ♥ is silent). I'm twenty, and I currently live in Tokyo, Japan. (I didn't grow up here, though; I'm from Nowhere, Vermont, US of A and my college is in Boston, Massachusetts, US of A.)
In the past, I've tried Mission 101 and the like, but I think yearly goals are better for me at this point in my life, since I can't yet know where I'm going to want to be in a few and a half years, you know?
I don't usually keep all of my resolutions, but I think that's okay, since I keep the ones that really matter.
  • take & pass the JLPT3/JLPTN4
  • apply to grad school
  • write a social justice blog (Fangirl Saves the World)
  • take cake decorating lessons
  • write 10,000 words each month (not including blogging)
  • read 50 books
  • apply for Irish citizenship, if possible
  • stop biting my cuticles

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Hi! I'm boredsilly. I have a long history of attempting goals and failing. The last goal I attempted I'm still going strong. It was to keep my living area clean and habitable. For over a month everything has been good. I'm hoping to start the new year off well, too.

I love making New Year's Resolutions. This year I have decided to create several. They are the following:
  • to write more,
  • to exercise,
  • and to eat better.
My plan is to come up with a new measurable goal for each of the 3 areas every month. I reserve the right to change the measurable goals as needed. It may be I come up with one that is too easy, hard, or ignorable.  Additionally, I plan to post my progress every week.  


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