Jan. 1st, 2010

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Oh hullo thar.  My name is bronzechimera, or Kate.  I don't generally make resolutions, but there are a few things that I would like to get done this year:

1. Write a novel.

2. Compile an obviously Steampunk/Victorian wardrobe, or the beginnings of one.

3. The mandatory improvement of grades.

4.  Kick the addiction!  Save on the electricity bill!  ...Find ways to waste time better than LJ/DW, Facebook, and various Steampunk/Gothic clothing sites.

5. Watch Titanic once a month (or more! :D), because I still want to make it to 100 watches before the end of 2012.  
Actually that would mean watching Titanic three times a month for the next couple of years.
Sometimes I wish it was a shorter movie.

Well... that's all I can think of right now.
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Hi, all! I'm Meep♥ (the ♥ is silent). I'm twenty, and I currently live in Tokyo, Japan. (I didn't grow up here, though; I'm from Nowhere, Vermont, US of A and my college is in Boston, Massachusetts, US of A.)
In the past, I've tried Mission 101 and the like, but I think yearly goals are better for me at this point in my life, since I can't yet know where I'm going to want to be in a few and a half years, you know?
I don't usually keep all of my resolutions, but I think that's okay, since I keep the ones that really matter.
  • take & pass the JLPT3/JLPTN4
  • apply to grad school
  • write a social justice blog (Fangirl Saves the World)
  • take cake decorating lessons
  • write 10,000 words each month (not including blogging)
  • read 50 books
  • apply for Irish citizenship, if possible
  • stop biting my cuticles


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