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Seeing as it's the 4th, I haven't made much progress, but I've put together some places to keep track of the progress I do make.
  • my monthly word goal progress meter is exactly what it sounds like; I've got a handy-dandy little graph of how many words I've written this month, out of 10,000 (my goal last year was 15,000, but I decided to lower it to accommodate for the fact that I'm very busy in Japan)
  • instead of posting reviews of every book I read this year (something I don't enjoy), I've simply set up a listography account with lists for things like books/manga I read or movies I watched in 2010, to be updated as necessary
  • so I did a little research into the JLPT, and it turns out there is not a test site in Boston, which means I'm going to have to probably get down to New York City, find a hotel and stay there to take the test… hopefully at least one of my friends will be taking the exam as well, so we can go down together, because I can't go to and stay in NYC on my own (on the upside, the girl who lives next door to me just had a convo with someone in Japanese and I understood about 85% of it!)
Would you mind making a tag for us to post our progress under? Thank you! eta: thanks!

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Date: 2010-01-04 06:29 pm (UTC)
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I love that listography account idea, so I hope you don't mind if shamelessly steal it from you. [;


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